Thursday, November 27, 2008

November, 2008 Support Group Meeting

About the November 25, 2008 Support Group Meeting

We had a very good meeting this month. We talked about the issues of chronic pain that we all have to learn to live with. Some of the most difficult issues that we all have to face are the following

All of these issues are very important to talk about together and to discuss the ways we can work out good ideas to deal with the problems.

Heather Divine

Our support group meetings etween these problems and many other arewill alternate bewtween

November 8, 2008 Meeting

The Forum hosted by the North Shore Support Group in coordination with The National Pain Awareness Week was a great success. We had a good attendance and e very nice lunch provided by Merk Frosst.

The information presented by Heather Divine, President of the Chronic Pain Association of Canada, about CHRONIC PAIN - THE DISEASE was very valuable and understanding that chronic pain becomes the disease and not the symptom was made very clear. We learned and understood how important it is to focus a program to educate the practicing physicians and all the health care providers in training to understand the newest evidence about chronic non cancer pain and apply the knowledge to help chronic pain sufferers to better manage their pain.

It was also good to have info from Ashram Mustapha, Public Health Manager for Merk Frosst Canada, about shingles and the new vaccine that will be available to the public in the late spring of 2009. Shingles is a terribly painful condition that can leave many people with terrible pain after a shingles outbreak. Any body who has been exposed to chicken pox is at risk for shingles and post herpatic neuralgia( a very painful complication of shingles.)

The day long forum was great and we all look forward to next year with more guest speakers and info about chronic non cancer pain.

Keep an eye out for info about our next support group meeting.
President of the Chronic Pain Association of Canada

We also learned very interesting information about a therapy for helping chronic pain sufferers that originated many, many years ago in Australia. This technique is based on the theory of acupuncture and accupressure points and applied to a touch technique.

Most importantly we leaerned that we need to support each other in the daily struggle of living with chronic pain