Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Hello follow chronic pain suffers, we are facing the end of the year, and an end of a great year with Linda at the helm of our successful support group. I would like to look back at our years highlights. For me, it was taking the first step to come to a meeting last April.

Our group has grown with the lovely ladies joining us from the "Living well with Chronic Pain" course run by the University of Victoria, Center on Aging. All good reports coming from those that have done the course. Our own Heather Divine, took the training to be a coach and then got to co-lead the very first class here on the North Shore at Silver Harbour. Congratulations Heather.

We experienced another one day forum on PAIN to celebrate (International Pain Week). This year the speakers were outstanding and the Kay Meek Center staff were fantastic. Another big thanks to Heather for all her hard work to make this successful event happen. Many thanks go to the speakers for their interesting, educational, and informative topics, and for donating their time to us. We appreciate that you added your visual material to the Chronic pain website. Thanks also to all the members who posted our PAIN forum informational posters and told friends and family about the event. It would not have been successful with out all collaborating.

Linda was extremely busy with planning, arranging and re-arranging wonderful speakers each month. Congratulations on an extremely successful year of leading alone, Linda. You have done a very courageous job marvellously.

We look forward to giving Linda more support in the new year. It is hoped that each member will bring one speaker to the group, at least once in 2010. And that means we need your participation folks. E-mail, phone, call or chat and share with the group your ideas for speakers. (Remember to ask the person first to see if and when they would be willing and able to come share their speciality.)
Location, as far as we know, at this point, we will be meeting at the same time and day, in the New Year. So mark your calendars for the last Thursday of the month, 1pm to 3pm at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Road, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. But please check back to this site to see if there are any changes, we will always give notice of a change here and by e-mail. Please remember to give us your e-mail address.

With all the government cut backs, we may have to ask you for a $20 donation to ensure that we can keep the location.
We have had such a diverse and very interesting group participants, you're wonderful and it was so great to have you on board and actively interested.
Merry Christmas to you all. And may your New Years Celebration be successful and a delight. We look forward to getting together with you in 2010.

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