Friday, July 2, 2010

No July Meeting

Welcome readers and followers of the North Vancouver Chronic Pain Support Group Blog.

We will not be having a meeting in July 2010 due to summer vacations.

So let me tell you who will be our speaker for August.
We have Susan MacLean the president of the ME/FM Society. She will be sharing information about her journey I'm sure and the coalition of the ME and FM groups into one larger more powerful group. They recently held a forum which many of our group attended. I'm sure that there will be time for your questions.
They have a successful news letter which is another opportunity to gain information, or you can write an article yourself.
Dr Bruce Carruthers is the Medical Adviser.

We are wishing you a Happy Holiday, and look forward to seeing you in August.


Unknown said...

It is detrimental to health is not properly treated, chronic pain because of the magnitude that expands on the human body that makes people suffer from this pain sacrificed many things, and even when the pain is too attempt suicide, therefore, we must caution those who prescribed medicines can be harmful if they purchase addiction to drugs.

Unknown said...

Makes me suffer 4 years of severe back pain at the bottom, and so far not found anything, why turn to drugs like Vicodin, Tramadol, Oxycodone, Soma, and which alone calm the terrible pain I feel, makes a few weeks ago I visited a specialist and indicate that I have to take the medicine, now I'm taking Vicodin because it is the one that best meets my body, and the doctor prescribed that I should take it with moderation, and my question is, can I take another dose daily to feel better since in indicate that the dose can go up, but I feel more calm the pain for 5 hours with me and I must take medicine every 8 hours, pc. reviews that can give me.

Debby said...

Kim i understand your pain and medication conflict and addiction. We are not allowed to give advice on medication as we are not specialist in anything other than are own pain.
I think you would be best asking your Doctor to explain in detail what he means and write it down for your own notes.(This is very important, always keep records)
As for the group knowledge their is a lot of us, so why not drop by and do like we do "LEARN FROM EACH OTHER".
Medication however has specific uses and for specific people with specific conditions and pain. Not one medication it seems can treat everyone and have the very same outcome. So in saying that the doctors are of course learning too. The doctors job is to find the right diagnosis and medication that is suited to you because you are special.

Debby said...

Thank you, to those that took the time, to put your words down and share your experiences. Please keep it up.