Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 16th

Welcome to the North Shore Chronic Pain Support Blog, we up-date this site regulary, so check back often for info on meetings, speakers, topics and comments from other followers.

We are a small group but mighty at heart; to the support of others with like minded ideas, positive tales of things that have worked for ourselves, sharing in the neccessary task of bringing speakers to the group, to increse our knowledge and self-awareness, and refreshing understanding of what it is like to live with chronic pain, that others not in Chronic Pain could.
We support each other in our sharing of physical, mental, social, and emotional effects of chronic pain in our lives, to be true and honest description, that is often missunderstood by family, friends, and sometimes even our doctors. Please know that you are in a safe place and that your privacy is our honoured integretal task. Some of us understand what it is like to be "bullied" by our employers, the medical world and with Long Term Disability Designation Agencies. We know because we personally have been through it, understanding through shared experience is revolutionary. Please come, experience, and share with understanding and humour, in a scent free, positive and engaging environment.

This Month we are waiting for confirmation from a great speaker at this point, so please check back before the 16th for the latest information. Please remember to return any borrowed books to keep them circulating. Remember the new time of 12:45pm and that we are now meeting on the Third Wednesday of the Month.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Patrick Meyer Phd., a Registered Psycologist, will be presenting on March 16th, so please mark this occasion on your calendar now, as a reminder if you feel this is something you would like more information on. Please feel free to suggest a speaker that you can support to come to the group to Linda at the meeting or leave a note for us in the comments area. We wish to encourage you to suggest, support and present that someone special that has made a medical difference in your life, or tell us an area of interest and we will support you to find the right person for our group.

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